Bleh. Toothache.

According to mom I grind my teeth in my sleep. So sometimes I just wake up with toothaches.



Dangit Ivan you’re too cute

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Hm. Regarding the meds. Not bad. I’m just awake because my shoulder hurts. Also I got thirsty. Eh I can stay up for a little while, then snooze

Just gonna snack on a little chocolate. Obviously be more careful to avoid the cavities. Then hopefully try to sleep. Unless I get another Hearthstone urge

I didn’t know how hungry I was. Eating some chicken and after one bite I practically inhaled the damn thing because my stomach woke up

Just got this in a text message
"You more"

Just got this in a text message


"You more"

Fuck. Ow.

You ever not chew something all that well and you feel it painfully go down your esophagus?

I somehow had that reaction with a drink of soda. How the heck did that happen?

Took my night meds early just because I want to see how this medicine is going to react.

Lets see. New medication

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XD People keep wanting hugs from Jesse Cox

I can’t blame them. The guys a giant teddy bear. He’s always up for all the hugs too and that’s what makes me smile so much.

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