Hm. Looks like I have around 3/4s of Skyrim map markers discovered. Still have a few pockets every now and then of places I haven’t been to. Just stuff near mountains that are a bitch to work around

Oh that fucking sucks I HAVE to unlock the dragons to finish the civil war quests.


I guess they’re not going to be a total pain in the ass like the console version of the game. I still have mods that tell NPCs to get the hell to safety if Dragons attack.

Just fucking fuck fuck WHY

Fine. Fuck you game. I’ll go get the stupid dragons and just not do anything with that quest afterwards

I wish the “no fast travel” mod worked without crashing my game.

Some of the gameplay in Skyrim is crushed just by fast traveling everywhere.

Sure you could try to avoid temptation but gamers have difficulty changing gameplay methods once they find something easy and helpful.

Let me explain to you why Foxy is fucking creepy



Pirates Cove… nothing wrong here, yup, yup….


Then this mother fucker pops his head out and is like “Hey baby I heard you were lonely…” and of course I’m like… “NNNOONONOGOBACKINYOURFUCKINGHOLE”


Then he fucking pulls a Michigan J. Frog just to try and break the ice…



and pops in and gives you this nonchalant look like… “how you doin’?” before he fucking murders your dumb ass…

I still have no intention of playing this game. But I can’t help but go “Well done” in response to it.

I just don’t want my anxiety to freak the fuck out

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Spoke with Mom. Drama is over. Just going to take my night meds and relax. My eyelids feel heavy already

According to mom I gave her attitude because I narrowed my eyes at her for a second because I was in the bathroom while she was leaving a pill on my desk.

I couldn’t fucking see, I narrow my eyes a lot just to try and see better. So now I’m just pissed off. I closed my door and she just opens it saying I don’t have to lock myself up.

Fucking flip flopper. She goes on and on yesterday about giving me privacy and then does this shit when I actually want to be alone.

Apparently I gave mom attitude asking for a pain pill.

I just asked her the same way I asked for meds in the past.

No no it’s fine make me feel guilty and feel like shit over something I have no control over.

Current deck I’m using. Kel’thuzad kept respawning Feugen, a Dread Infernal and the 1/2 sludge from a defeated Sludge Belcher.

The Warrior I was playing against quit after a few rounds of that happening.

XD I think my new favorite card is Kel’thuzad.

siski-mod said: If for some reason there aren't any breeders in your area and you have to get them from a pet store, it helps if you check the different pet stores in your area. Sometimes the supplier is different for each pet store and then you can pick the healthiest ones.

That’s my back up plan. The problem is pet store rats are sometimes snake food rats and the pet store is just trying to make money off of them. Instead of rats that are more domesticated and not afraid of humans.

I still miss Brandie. But I still understand now that we just can’t have her here. Mom and I have odd sleeping patterns. Brandie loves running outside or sunbathing. We can’t keep up with that here or deal with her bathroom breaks.

I’m not trying to sound like I’m replacing Brandie. ( Although it’s kinda easy to fall into that trap when talking about pets since they tend to have short lives )

Maybe I could get a pet rat. They’re awesome pets once they realize you’re not going to hurt them. I’m not sure if I could handle taking care of two since Rats love having cage mates. They’re fun to spoil too with big fancy cages and toys.

Just something to think about I suppose. Can’t be too hard to find a breeder in Arizona. I want to try and find a breeder instead of going to a place like Petco.

I’ve debated bringing this up. Oh well.

The next door neighbor at the old place died in her home. Cancer.

Grandma was friends with her. And I feel like a bastard because I don’t feel anything for her loss.

My brain is just thinking “Well she’s not suffering anymore from Cancer.” and “Grandma pretty much has no friends now.”

And some sick part of me is happy about that.

-Thinks about maybe going back to bed for a few hours-

-Soon after there’s people outside doing work so there’s leafblowers making a ruckus-


-hugs Vinyl plushie-

Todays going to be a long day. I’m still trying to tell the Doubt section of my brain to shut up.

For years I would smile at the idea of having a male body. And now all of a sudden I’m scared. The stupid “What if” thoughts that keep plenty of us weighed down.

"What if this isn’t what I want?"

"What if I only want to be a guy to be seen as someone special?"

"What if this ends up a big mistake that I won’t be able to fix?"

I’m just trying to remind myself of all the years of me saying “I feel like a gay guy trapped in a female body.” and meaning it. Just trying to remind myself this is something I want. Not some spur of the moment decision out of nowhere.

Even then I’m still scared.

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Need meds but Moms asleep.

Even if she doesn’t have to work today I still feel bad whenever I have to wake her up to ask for meds. Another reason I wish she would let me have control of my meds again.

Frustrating getting snapped at for asking for meds when this was all her idea