And now moms crying because that stupid guy she likes didn’t say happy birthday.

One of her friends showed up here to cheer her up.

I’m glad Mom has friends like that but the other part of me is going “Oh great now there’s two people in the apartment calling me ‘sister’”

Fuck it, I’m just going to delete everything. Play again in a month or two.

Fuck stupid Steam. Even if I do redownload my mods my game isn’t going to work because I have no “safe” saves. Meaning the game is going to crash because I saved my game with modded equipment, stats and where J’Ram was currently saved in.

So many goddamn hours put into that one playthrough. I’m not looking for all 138 of the mods I had. That will just piss me off out of impatience.

I have to find and redownload everything…I had so many there’s no way I can find all of them again.

Everything was there until Steam updated itself. I feel so fucking defeated right now.

Okay what the fuck my mods are gone. I’m looking at Steam and there’s nothing there

For some reason Skyrim isn’t loading my mods anymore

I’m just a little irritable because I miss my cousin. That’s all. And my Grandpa.

Alright nevermind. Grandma apparently changed her mind.

Good. Mom needs to go out with friends. Not listen to Grandma talk about death on her birthday like she did with one of mine awhile back.

Grandma wants to take Mom out for dinner because it’s her birthday.

And I’m honestly dumbfounded Mom even bothered to ask if I wanted to go.

Oh no I would totally love to see that abusive hag again. Ooo maybe she’ll cry about her stupid dead friend in public so she can embarrass us. Or talk about how she has my damn dog.

I still wish Mom wouldn’t bother seeing her, or helping her buy things.

Too many things are pissing me off all at once today. I know I say that a lot.

It’s just a book. No harm ever came from reading a book.

I still love the sequel to this movie.

I know people bash it for good reasons, but I can’t hate this movie. Oh I hate the 3rd one. Because lets face it I don’t think anybody cared about the 3rd movie. Especially after seeing it wasn’t the original actress and their kid ended up sounding American for some reason.

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Please watch this video of a corgi on carousel and never be sad again.


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tmtakumi said: Do you think there's anything we could do to bring back the magic in holidays? Christmas hasn't really felt like Christmas to me for about two years now, and Hocus Pocus is the only reason Halloween still exists for me. I think it might be this way for a lot of people.

Will stores stop trying to make a profit? No. So to me the holidays are nothing now. There’s no point for me to celebrate them anyway since I don’t have anyone here other than my Mom. No point in dressing up, shipping presents in the mail is a bitch and a half. And the only other person in my family that gave a shit has been ash for a few years now.

I mentioned earlier how big Blitzkrieg Bop is. Well thankfully people have drawn a bunch of height charts.

She’s right in the middle between Sweetie Belle and Twilight in this chart. Hope that helps make more sense.


I’m Asexual not blind.
Featured: Quest and GreybuttFuselight

I tend to say “Would cuddle.” instead of cake but still. I like that you pointed this out.


I’m Asexual not blind.

Featured: Quest and GreybuttFuselight

I tend to say “Would cuddle.” instead of cake but still. I like that you pointed this out.

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