Hell I’m not even sure if Wyatt was in the chatroom we used  at that time. I remember he got in trouble the first time he tried to rp with us. I think he dropped his first character, and tried again with Wyatt.

I still remember that old character was the one that gave Cale a pet blue tongue skink. So now I’m wondering if Wyatt did this because he thought Cale was cute. I’ll have to ask him.

I still get a goofy smile on my face remembering our first RP together. We kept breaking character just to giggle. Good times. I have it saved but I still want to rewrite it someday. The RP was done while our characters weren’t quite “ready” . But that’s what RPs are usually for. To find out what makes your character tick.

-sighs- And now they’re both out of that rp group. They used to be patched members of the biker gang. But then the group went quiet and that stupid drama on facebook happened.

It’s odd how violent some friendships can end

No more gun shows, ever

I managed to find the old story from the rp group I was in. Jeez this is old. This was back when Cale used his nickname more. Psycko. I kinda grew out using the nickname that often. A lot of Cales early stuff was mostly him trying to act tough when really he only joined the RnR to get a place to stay out of the sun. He’s used to cold weather so going from England to California was a bit of a shock for him. Story is under the read more break cuz there’s a lot.

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Just posting this because Cale’s chuckling in the back of my head at the knife fighting thing.

He has a pretty big knife, I still remember the story that got him that knife. Back when he was in the RnR a higher up officer haggled with a guy at a gun show because Cale was being a stupid newbie and planning to steal it.

This was way back. Back when I wasn’t even sure if he was straight or gay. So if people ask about the older stories, I just say he was pretending to be interested in girls.

And as much as I would like to, I can’t really make him a good shot. It can be way OP, so that’s why he’s mostly a knife guy. He doesn’t really enjoy being around if there’s a gun fight.

Anyway I’m rambling. Have something funny

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Welp even if I did want to sleep right now, those night meds make me have a appetite boost. So I’m just pigging out on chicken nuggets

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Bored. I would go to bed now but  I kinda wanted to wait a little before heading off to bed. I already took my sleep meds around 2 hours ago.

siski-mod asked: Well, you do have 302 pages, and 10 posts per page... (It probably sounds creepy that I know that, but I just checked because I was curious :x )

Jeez…have I really been whiny that long? That was a pretty strong hit with the reality bat

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Just got an email saying I’ve done 3000 posts on Tumblr

I highly doubt that

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Well that was gross. TMI  “read more” break if you don’t like stuff about blood

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Hm. For some reason one hit kills in WoW feels way more satisfying compared to the “click click boom” of a gun.

kind of halfway done with Terokkar.

But I’m not sure if I’ll get enough quests to get the achievement.

Maybe just to avoid burnout I’ll just go to the next zone and work on them. Coming back to scoop up the leftover quests